Marna Gouws Transformation

Marna Gouws

With life constantly putting me down and my numerous attempts to try and lose weight, Bernadine crossed my path.  I have always been an introvert and fearful of personal trainers, but Bernadine listened to my story carefully and she helped me to step out of my "comfort-zone". She built a solid custom-made foundation for me to cater for my needs which helped shape me every time I saw her.

Bernadine has been my personal trainer for the last 14 months. She is the perfect combination of persistence and encouragement - "Bernadine, you are killing me!" "Marna, dit is alles in jou KOP"! She works with a person as a whole... physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am overjoyed by my results; I can't stop looking at my pictures!! Never in my life have I loved working out and I'm not even talking about the hard-core machine work! As I type this testimonial the tears are running!!! I will never be able to express thanks to Bernadine, there are just no words to compare! Just to be able to pull myself up is a dream come true!!!

Bernadine and the BikiniBoots family were the missing puzzle piece I longed for my entire life!
To end off:

  • Make your mind up and get your head ready
  • Keep your family, friends and colleagues involved. 
    They will carry you through as it is NOT AN EASY QUICK FIX.  You WILL need a solid support team
  • LISTEN to Bernadine and ask if you are not sure

Lots of love

Chandre Laubscher Transformation

Chandre Laubscher

Why Change

I reached the point where I wanted and needed to feel and look better for myself and wait for it,... yes, I was also prepared to put in the work!

My motivation for Change

I no longer wanted feel low on energy, or walk into a shop and try on clothes that do not fit the way I wanted them too and then to face those dreaded mirrors in the change rooms and yes, that is what we look like to others, the mirrors are not lying!

I spent lots of time paging through those fitness magazines, thinking about the change I wanted for myself and then I simply made the decision to commit to a process. Clearly after 15 years of having Gym Membership something needed to change and quickly!

A needs based lifestyle plan

You have heard it all before and it's true! Go and see a successful personal coach with a good track record and discuss your objectives and desired timelines and then have them put a practical energised plan together that you can commit to. With discipline and commitment your body will start to transform and when you feel and then see the changes - you will become even more motivated to keep on going.

Recipe for success

Stay away from the quick win promises, find a good coach, put a plan together and start the process, work hard, have fun and enjoy the new you! Boot camps are a great way to start as they create good discipline and training habits! I personally decided on a slower phased approach that fitted in with my busy day and is producing lasting results. I am excited about phase 2 where I intend to further strengthen and tone my body and maintain a healthy and strong physique!

Highly Recommended - Bikini Boots - Bernadine Schwartz

If you are looking to transform your body and surround yourself with a small group of positive and energised and committed ladies, look no further than Bikini Boots!

Bee, AKA. "the big bad wolf", you are a rock star and an inspiration, you were the missing link in my development. Without you, I do not believe I would have achieved my goals! Thank you for your encouragement, leadership and coaching and thanks to all the rest of the ladies for the good laughs, teamwork and camaraderie! Thank you for always being there for me you are my rock B! Looking forward to my phase two of my body transformation.

ACT NOW! - Serious about changing your body? - don't delay contact Bee straight away!

If I can do it - you can do it! - Chandre' Laubscher!

Natasha Sutton Transformation

Natasha Sutton

When I met Bernadine Schwartz in May 2017 I never in a million years would realize how my life, body & health would change. I was a fluffy size 12 with a body fat of 24% and wanted to be able to wear strappy tops & shorts  and be a bit healthier, that was the goal then. Little did I know where she would lead me to.

Bernadine's passion & love for fitness and the people she works with was so contagious.  She not only transformed my mindset around fitness & my body but also my confidence levels. Through her guidance on eating healthier this rolled over into my family, having a healthier hubby & kids who now is also more active. Thanks to one person's love of fitness this impacted on four people that now have a healthier lifestyle. Most important lesson learned from Bernadine is that it's a journey not a race, you can't change overnight what you've neglected for years. Rest if you must but quitting isn't an option. She believes in you & so should you. She leads by example every step of the way.

This lady's dedication towards me as a client made what seemed impossible, possible. Within my first year with this amazing lady I not only dropped my body fat from 24% to 9% , competed for the first time & qualified to represent South Africa at the World Championships in the UK. If your effort match her dedication, the possibilities is endless.
Bernadine is truly the transformation Queen. Thank you seems such a small word for the gratitude I have for her. She changed my life forever, being healthier with more energy is priceless.

In the words of Billy Owens: "True leadership lies in guiding others to success. In ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do & doing it well." That describes Bernadine perfectly. So if you are ready to change then Bernadine from Bikiniboots is the lady. Be ready to be surprised beyond your wildest dreams.

Forever Greatful

Clare Berry Transformation

Clare-Berry Post

I, like many other similar stories found myself waking up and having just had enough of looking and feeling like a 90 year old. Too fat to even tie my shoes over my pot belly. Looking in the mirror was like looking at a scene from a horror movie.

Nothing in my cupboard fitted any longer and being the clothes hoarder I am I was NOT willing to throw out my size 10 wardrobe.

Despite being a sporty individual unfortunately life gets in the way and laziness settles in.  I have since realized that laziness and junk food tend to be best friends!.

Sadly I have I have battled with back issues all my life due to severe scoliosis. After being at the wrong trainer for my specific needs I ended up injuring myself even further and subsequently woke up one day literally, unable to move my neck for 3 months... things looked very bleak. Physio, Chiro, Body stress release therapy, Biokinetics, an Osteopath and still no light at the end of the tunnel.

As luck would have it fortune smiled at me and I was introduced to Natasha Sutton. Tasha had trained with Bernadine at "Bikiniboots" and showed me the camaraderie and motivation generated by this phenomenal woman and I just knew I had to be a part of this group.  This was probably one of the luckiest days of my life.

I started off slowly with the Friday bootcamp sessions hoping and praying that a spot would open up for me in B’s training schedule. One fine day I got the call I had been waiting for.

What B tells you to do YOU DO! So after much deliberation I entered the 8 week weight loss challenge in October 2018. One thing I must say is that I hate to lose but in this case losing is key!! So I won on both! I achieved and exceeded my initial goal!

Since December I have increased my training to 3 times a week I do Friday boot camp and Saturday morning some of the girls do cardio which rounds off the week.

I look forward to upping my training very soon as I hope to see you all again next year when I plan to have an itsy bitsy glitzy bikini made and challenge myself into night sweats from nerves about standing on a stage and sharing ones hard work with other like-minded individuals such as yourselves.

I cannot wait to reach the next milestone so let the games begin!


Magda Snyman Marshall

Since I can remember I have been overweight, unfit and unhealthy. It never really bothered me until I had our 2nd baby. I went for my vitality checkup and realised that I had high cholesterol, was very insulin resistant and was 25kg overweight.

I realised that if i wanted to grow old with my kids i was seriously going to have to make a big change. So I started banting. After about a month of banting I have lost a few kilograms and i decided to take it up a notch. So a friend and I started hunting for a personal trainer.

We soon came across Bernadine. I knew that if someone was going to be able to whip me into shape it was going to be her. So i signed on for 10 sessions and gave it a go.

The first week was pain and agony. Not just the training but also the stiffness. One day after legs day Bernadine said we should go for a walk/run to relieve the soreness. Being desperate to get out of pain i went for a very slow trot/crawl around the block.

So the days became weeks and the weeks became months. The weight was melting off and i could see my body changing. And all along the way Bernadine was rooting off the sideline, there every step of the way.

The bigger the goals I set the more people told me i was crazy... But with the help of Bernadine i have now reached most of them. I reached my goal body fat of 18% and i completed my first marathon a mere 10months after that first crawl around the block. My cholesterol is normal, blood sugar is normal and i lost the full 25kg's.

Now all that's left is Comrades 2016 and keeping happy and healthy ever after.


Nicolene Schwartz

From the age of 7 years subsequent to a tonsil operation I developed a weight problem. Said problem, continued from that age until recently. This problem caused me embarrassment threw out my childhood and adult life. This made me approach Bernadine for a solution to my problem.

She placed me on a fantastic eating and exercise plan and together with her excellent moral support and encouragement, resulted in me loosing 31kgs. Going from a size 42 to a 36 and an overall general health and fitness I've never experienced before. I have never felt so comfortable, positive, motivated and happy in my life. My goal this year is to have a bikini body by December 2015 and the following year who knows.

I cannot thank Bernadine (Bikiniboots) and her efforts enough.

Bernadine has made me addicted to eating healthy and to train even harder. Boots you are exceptionally gifted in these fields and have so much to offer.


Nastassja de Kock

I'm a firm believer of destiny and that everything in you live happens for a reason...

In Feb 2014, I bought a copy of the Fitness Magazine, hoping to improve my current gym routine, not knowing this will be the day my life will change, for the better.

The Bikiniboots/ Bootcamp advert was bright pink (my fave colour) and I could not miss it – I there and then started my correspondence with Bernadine. Later that day I got invited by a friend to join in on a Bootcamp session, not knowing it's the one and only Bikiniboots...

After my first Bootcamp and training session with Bernadine, I was hooked.

She is one amazing trainer, dedicated, hardworking, goal driven and an inspiration in every possible way.

When I lose hope of ever getting to my goal, she is there to motivate and support me, helping me to grow in every aspect of life, every single day.

I'm the happiest I have ever been and loving every moment of this exciting journey... all thanks to the amazing "Big Bad Wolf" aka Bernadine.


Corika van Vuuren

In 2013 het ek gehoor van die BikiniBoots challenge. Ek was baie opgewonde om in te skryf en het al die stappe deurgegaan om deel te wees van die kompitisie en toe die "before" foto deel kom was ek baie ongelukkig oor wat ek sien. Ek het geweet ek is oorgewig, maar om dit te sien is nie altyd lekker nie. Bernadine het my baie moed ingepraat en haar raad en bemoediging is van die beste. Sonder haar bystand en motivering sou ek nooit reggekry het wat ek behaal het nie. Sy het gereeld in kontak gebly en as dit foto tyd was aangedring of ek nou wou of nie. Haar eetplan en oefenprogram is van die beste. Ek het in 12 weke nie net kilogram nie maar bitter baie sentimeters verloor. Ek is 3 broekgrotes kleiner en my "body fat" het aansienlik minder geraak. Nie net die gewig nie maar my selfbeeld het sy ook soveel verbeter. In die 12 weke het my lewe positief verander en ek is verskriklik dankbaar vir alles wat Bernadine vir my beteken het. Dankie Bernadine vir my nuwe lewe!!!!!!


Monique Benzien

In May of this year I reached a point where I couldn't bear looking at myself in the mirror anymore. I couldn't stand the way my tummy hung over my pants and realised that I had to do something. I could no longer blame my pregnancy's or my lack of time. My daughter used to jiggle my tummy and say "Mommy, is there a baby in there?"

I was at a very low point and becoming more depressed each day. I had been going to gym but didn't see any change. It was then when I contacted a friend of mine "Tarrin – already a bikiniboots girl) who pointed me in the right direction.

I contacted Bernadine and made the first appointment I could get. I cringed as she brought out her calipers and asked me to undress. Not once, did she make me feel uncomfortable and kept reassuring me that I didn't look that bad and that she could wait to watch the fat melt off me.

It has been 12 weeks and not only have I lost body fat, and centimeters but along with that I gained an amazing coach, nutritionist, and most importantly a FRIEND. I also became part of the Bikiniboots family and a group of amazing girls Bernadine has put together who welcomed me with open arms. Bernadine is the glue that holds it all together.

My life is that much richer since I started on my journey. I wish I could put into words what Bernadine and her advise, coaching, enthusiasm, support, and kind words have meant to me but luckly this is only the start of the journey and I intend on making it a long lasting one J

Love you B! xxx


Angela Balanco

I approached Bernadine Schwartz at the end of 2010 to do an online assessment and asked her to work out an eating plan to fit my life style. After about 3 months she approached me and asked if I was interested in competing in the IFBB Bikini Division.

I saw this as an amazing opportunity, as she was willing to assist me with a new diet and training program. It was difficult at first because I never really did a lot of weight training, but once I got into the groove of things I started to enjoy my workouts.

I set a goal for myself to compete at the USN Cape Classic Competition which was only 8 weeks away. I was placed 6th at that show on the 9 April 2011. Once I stepped off that stage I was hooked and ready to get back to the gym and start training for my next show. The following year I competed in three shows: The Cape Classic where I was placed 2nd, Western Province also 2nd and SA Championships were I placed 6th.

I find that if you have the right support from an amazing coach like Bernadine Schwartz and you set yourself goals and get your mind set right you can achieve anything your heart desires.

If it wasn't for Bernadine Schwartz who helped me with my diet and training I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals. Apart from the knowledge she has of the industry, she also stood by my side all the way and her motivation and support is what kept me going.

I have set my goals for the rest of 2013 and with hard work and discipline I plan on achieving them.


Sindy van Wyk

I'm Sindy, the go-getter and adventurous woman. My motto in life is ‘Never give up' and I have achieved so much, because of this approach in life. A great part of my fitness journey evolved in 2012, when I have been blessed to get to know Bernadine. The journey of changing and pushing harder was made possible with help and value she started adding in my life. She shared her knowledge regarding nutrition and fitness and stood by my side all the way.

With the help from Bernadine I have learned so much about myself, about life, learning to handle stress better, to have consistency in what you do, to use negative or challenging situations to help motivate others and so much more.

From being insecure about my body to becoming a proud believer in myself, the journey just continues with the great help of Bernadine and her service at BikiniBoots. So whether you're trying to get into shape, or want to take your training to the next level, Bernadine is the lady to contact. She does a great job in gauging your fitness level and pushing you to the limits. She will be able to assist you with more than just training and nutrition as she is a true inspiration in her proven achievements and discipline as an athlete and competitor in the fitness industry.

I have had a great opportunity to change myself for the better, with her help it was made so much easier. She shares knowledge in making better nutritional food choices, learning how to use supplements and the importance thereof, as well as training tips that I still take with me wherever I go and apply and share in many ways. Her life experience and way of life set a great example for me and I'm confident it will do for any fitness enthusiast, athlete or person wanting to get into shape.

When I think of Bernadine, there is one quote that always comes to mind and I know she is a difference maker, cause she always puts the interests of others first.

You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar

I know she will make a difference in your life; the choice is in your hands, choose to learn from the best and beat the rest.